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i wanna thank my followers for giving me relationship advice, this is something i’ve never been good at and these messages mean a lot to me. all y’alls concern and wishes for me to feel better means the world to me and i love y’all

Anonymous asked:
I think you should take some time to be alone and learn to like yourself again. Get back in touch with your inner child, do what makes you happy and have fun doing it. No one else can do it for you, kiddo, so you better make an effort.

i think you’re right. thanks

today i’m going to marathon avatar the last airbender, i know that will make me happy

Anonymous asked:
sorry i'm not that anon without the blog but, seeing that he broke up with you, i hope this will be the chance for you to pick yourself up over him. he's not worth the time to be moping over rn, and besides deserving better for yourself, this is going to be good for you. this breakup, it hurts probably rn, but please know you will benefit from not being hurt by him. i hope you wake up happier tomorrow, and tomorrow will be a good day for you.

i did wake up happier today, thank you.

Anonymous asked:
Stay positive! When you feel down, talk to someone instead of making a rash/stupid decision.

yes! i’ve been talking things through with my friends a lot lately

Anonymous asked:
I like your blog! I kinda read your convo with anon and please do cheer up, yeah things might be suckish now but they'll be better tomorrow. Just look everything through its brightside.

thank you! i’m trying to be positive.

Anonymous asked:
I can't, I don't have a blog. I saw your blog on a friend's page and decided to check up on you. I never imagined I'd see you upset over some buttmunch who can't even seem to appreciate you.

i don’t even appreciate myself why would he appreciate me

teacher: do u understand what ur supposed to be doing
me: yeh
friend: what r we supposed to be doin
me: lol idk

Anonymous asked:
If he just dumped you like that, was he really worth it? You aren't stupid, even if you act like it sometimes. You deserve better than some dumbass who doesn't even know if he has feelings for you, don't you?

i do deserve better, i know.

will you come off anon?

he broke up with me

Anonymous asked:
honestly if he's saying everything to that extent, where he says he doesn't know if he even cares, he's not going to care. after those few days, i hope you make a decision. good luck, please know i wish you well and better.

thank you so much.

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