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a little raspberry

"if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning" - boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles (via quartzwarrior)

more pmmm/nge crossover fics please

graduation day.


 “I’ve decided this will be the one,” Kaworu says with a smile. His eyes glow like heated blood in the amber sunlight streaming through the window. “I have a plan this time.”

“Implying that you haven’t had a plan all those times before?” Homura accepts the can of coffee from him and primly pops off the tab. “I’ve seen your sketches and notes on the walls. You’ve had many plans.”

“You don’t sound very enthusiastic for me,” Kaworu says, but there’s a laugh in his words that makes them ring soft and pleasant. “And besides, those were faulty plans. This one isn’t.”

Fandom(s): Evangelion, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Rating: T
Word count: 6,604
Summary: Two time-travelers meet at the in-between of two different worlds, but their purpose is forever the same - to make their precious person happy. [Kaworu and Homura form an unlikely friendship. Evangelion+Madoka crossover. Mentions of self-harm. Inspired by this fanart.]

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we should stop putting our mbti types in our abouts and use our seme/uke types as seen by semeuke.com

like does it matter if ur an esfj or istp when no one has any idea if you might be a chibi seme or a flaming uke



Urban Barcode, 2013


and another print for AX, 11x15! studying ghibli cel-shading style, i think this one was good practice in learning to simplify

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